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It's amazing the trust our culture allows us to place in some people.

I have a disease called Fuchs' dystrophy. Cells in the inner layer of my eyes' corneas gradually die off.

In January, had two procedures in my right eye: one to remove a cataract and implant a new lens, and one called DMEK to repair my cornea. The surgery went well. Today, I'm having the same procedured done to my left eye.

Through DMEK, the surgeon removes the diseased inner cell layer of the cornea. The surgeon implants healthy donor tissue through a small incision. The surgeon then uses an air bubble to unfold and position the donor tissue against the patient’s cornea. The small incision is either self-sealing or may be closed with a suture or two. (I have two sutures.) Routinely, this procedure just uses eye drops to numb the eye.

I saw a video with a surgeon who was asked what happened to people before this and similar procedures were available. Matter of factly, he said, "People went blind."

Despite all the insanity and craziness in the world, we live in a truly remarkable time in human history.

It's amazing the trust our culture allows us to place in some people. Monday, I let a woman I had met only twice cut open my right eye, remove a cataract, implant a new lens, remove the inner layer of my cornea, and transplant a new layer from a cadaver. That my trust of all the people involved in making that possible is routine in our society is itself remarkable.


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John Warner


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