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Deep, embedded AI Augmentation

In the near future, intelligent agents will augment, not replace, humans. What we are seeing today are only the earliest waves of The Intelligence Tsunami ( that is coming. Both Open AI and Google last week demonstrated intelligent agents that had considerably more emotion and empathy than earlier versions. These capabilities will continue to rapidly evolve.

What is arriving soon are autonomously intelligent agents that truly think without human assistance. Soon human and intelligent agents will merge. We already embed electronic pacemakers to keep hearts beating properly. Embedding intelligent agents into brains will first occur in people with disabilities, for example, an intelligent agent embedded into a blind person's brain to allow them to see. It's only a small step from there to embed an intelligent agent into a sighted person's brain to allow them to see portions of the light spectrum that they can not see naturally. That is human augmentation at a deep level.

It's a brave new world that is rapidly transforming. The best way to predict the future is to create it.


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