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The Intelligence Tsunami is arriving. Autonomously intelligent devices that truly think are transforming our work, our lives, and our society.

I am beginning to organize a robust community to develop and deploy Mali (Manufacturing and Logistics Intelligence), an open-source deep neural network architecture for autonomously intelligent agents, to supercharge the productivity of making and moving things in the physical world in collaboration with humans. Mali can impact activities from developing medical devices to analyzing climate-smart forests and producing advanced vehicles. Mali will be human-centered, focused on enhancing human performance, not replacing it. 

In the past two years, I engaged 115 organizations in our community, including global manufacturers and logistics organizations, colleges and universities, technology and service providers, economic development agencies, and local governments. A consensus emerged from discussions with these collaborators that our region is perceived by others as best-in-class globally in making and moving things, which aligns with the emergence of autonomously intelligent agents that operate in the physical world. Many of the organizations I have engaged have already defined problems they are seeking to solve, which I compiled in a 60-page Smart Manufacturing Report.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.  

If you’d like to participate and contribute to the Mali community, contact me and let’s discuss it.


Let's talk.

Let's inspire your team and your organization to excel.

John Warner


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