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  • Breanne Przestrzelski

    The DEN: Design & Entrepreneurship Network

    A collaborative space that brings together Clemson engineering and business students to learn, design, and start building ventures

    Breanne Przestrzelski, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, United States
  • Bill Gilbert

    The Coach

    An effortless dog training device.

    Bill Gilbert, Columbia, SC, United States
  • John Warner

    Clemson Innovation

    Helps faculty and student research and entrepreneurial activities connect with tens of thousands of alumni and other industry professionals.

    John Warner, CEO, InnoVenture LLC, Greenville, SC, United States

  • John Warner

    Novel Bioadhesive

    Hydrogel Based Bioadhesive to Replace Sutures

    John Warner, Alumnus, Clemson University, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Apparao (Raja) Rao

    Clemson's Nanomaterials Research Laboratory

    Research Activities at Clemson's Nanomaterials Research Laboratory

    Apparao (Raja) Rao, R. A. Bowen Professor, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, United States
  • Duncan Darby

    Packaging at Clemson

    Packaging science includes Graphic Communications Department, Packaging Science Program, and Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design

    Duncan Darby

Making connections in the Clemson Innovation Network

The Clemson Innovation Network helps faculty, staff and students grow the impact of their research and entrepreneurial projects through campaigns to engage alumni and others in industry: to serve as advisors and mentors, to be research partners, to license intellectual... Read more »

Mike Switzer

Mike updated

Voterheads makes it into first round of presenters at Southeast Venture Conference in Atlanta! ... read more

Breanne Przestrzelski

Breanne updated
The DEN: Design & Entrepreneurship Network

Last DEN of the Spring 2014 semester this week. We will be hosting David Orr of KIYATEC in The DEN on Friday, April 25th in Rhodes 422... read more

Mark Knight

Mark updated
Nexsen Pruet - Crowdfunding, a portal sponsored by the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce, has announced that it is expanding its... read more

Mike Gara

Mike updated
CUBEInC (Clemson Biomedical Engineering Innovation Center)

NEST A Tissue Engineering Company to fight breast caner read more

Mike Britner

Mike updated
Developing an RF Strategy

RCR Magazine video from NATE Unite 2014 in San... read more