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Our community is a world leader in developing smart innovations and talent that make and move things, increasing our productivity and growing our organizations. 

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I found a robust entrepreneurial community where I was able to see some old friends and make new ones. I’m excited to see this grow.

Brian Remsberg, Initiative Partner, Michelin Innovation Lab

A transformative experience with a diverse lineup filled with innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship that left me excited for the future.

Brent Westmoreland, IT Director - Strategy, CyberSecurity, Innovation, BMW Group

This web of business infrastructure and partnerships is fueling tremendous innovation. I would love to see this grow.

Jim Bottum, Research Professor Emeritus at Clemson University and Presidential Fellow at Internet2

Anchor Partners

Partners in transformation

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Our unique [Bu:st] method makes complex projects fly! Our consultants specialize in project management and process integration for businesses. 

Gemba Systems helps companies navigate the complex and fast-evolving landscape of “smart manufacturing” and the Industrial Internet of Things. 

Kopis helps you improve the reliability and efficiency of your operations by using technology to do your job better, faster, and smarter.

Boyd Cycling is a Craft Wheel manufacturer dedicated to producing the highest quality bicycle wheels throughout the world.

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