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Digital Glasses Cut Time by 70%

Updated: Jan 24

A bustling excavator factory is a symphony of clanking metal and whirring machinery. Frequent model introductions and a rapidly growing workforce make keeping up with quality control feel like trying to catch smoke. Paper forms clog the process, slowing down inspections and introducing errors.

Gemba Systems, equipped with digital tools, entered the scene to help this manufacturer. Gone are the cumbersome paper checklists, replaced by intuitive digital workflows accessible on any device. Inspectors navigate a clear path, step-by-step, like following a well-lit trail in the factory's maze. No more missed checks, just thoroughness at every corner, even for new recruits finding their footing.

Google Glasses integration takes efficiency to the next level. Inspectors can record their findings hands-free, using voice commands to capture details and observations as they navigate the factory floor. This saves time and improves data accuracy by eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Inspectors call out defect descriptions, locations, and repair recommendations, all seamlessly recorded and synced with the digital platform. 

This is about an entire quality control ecosystem. Detailed specifications leave no room for ambiguity. Measurements and data, once trapped in the paper wilderness, are now captured electronically, ready for analysis and comparison. Every step, every inspector is meticulously tracked, leaving a transparent trail of who-did-what-when.

Communication transforms. "Repair requests" are no longer scribbled notes lost in the paper tornado. The platform for instant documentation and swift communication, with drop-down menus guiding the way, is the right tool for the job. Defects, causes, and station locations were pinpointed precisely, leaving no room for confusion.

Reports, once painstakingly crafted by hand, become automated. Visuals, functional checks, and final assessments save time and ensure accuracy. Data, the lifeblood of improvement, isn't locked away in paper dungeons; it is readily available, ready to be analyzed and transformed into actionable insights.

The impact? A staggering 70% time saving, a testament to the efficiency unleashed. Quality performance blossomed. Thorough inspections, detailed documentation, and streamlined communication allow focused follow-up, resulting in improvement. Once bogged down by paperwork, the Quality Team now basks in the glow of success, empowered by tools that made their jobs easier and more effective.

This story is about saving time and boosting efficiency by building a foundation for continuous improvement, where quality thrives and flourishes. If you’re interested in learning more about this success story, contact:

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