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Your 2 Key Ingredients to Higher Productivity.

The Struggle is Real: Do you battle daily with messy Excel spreadsheets and cryptic notes? Is real-time data on your operation’s performance a pipe dream? Does your head hurt thinking about it? 

Executives at a leading fiber optic company battled inconsistent data and cumbersome reporting that hindered critical operations. Collecting production data in shared Excel files at shift changes delayed reporting, created compatibility issues, and risked potential data loss.

Two Crucial Ingredients in the Recipe for Success: The company prevailed in a remarkable story of success. Kopis focused on two crucial ingredients to guide them from data chaos to insightful, timely dashboards: data security and collection simplicity through Microsoft Power Platform. You can use the same ingredients to slay your own reporting beast. 


A custom Microsoft Power App was built on a bedrock of SQL Server. Power App’s intuitive interface empowers front-line workers to easily capture production metrics and notes, while SQL Server ensures robust data storage and scalability. This combination adjusts to the evolving needs of the manufacturing environment.

The solution was implemented by a software engineer and a project manager in about 60 hours, due to the low-code Power Apps platform. The simple, secure platform from Microsoft allows manufacturers to build the custom solutions they need without being time-consuming or resource-heavy.

The Results? We Speak Metrics. The solution significantly enhances the company’s productivity.

  • Empowered Operators. Moving away from shared Excel files, frontline operators closest to the problems can now provide management with immediate feedback on production issues, allowing for faster decision-making and problem resolution. 

  • Security Fort Knox. Data is safeguarded with industry-standard protocols and restricted access measures.

  • Future-Proofed Flexibility: The reporting solution stays dynamic and relevant, adapting to changing data collection, reporting, and security requirements to ensure longevity and relevance.

The Moral of the Story: Don't let clunky tools and manual processes hold your production insights hostage. Just like this fiber optic giant, you can boost your productivity with secure, streamlined data collection and insightful reporting.

It doesn't have to be a struggle! The two key ingredients to more agile decision-making are data security and simplicity. If you need help, contact:

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