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Google's AI-Infused Search is Catastrophic - The Public Internet is Dead

As a user, what Google announced this week sounds terrific to me. I provide Google Search a prompt for what I'm interested in, and its AI analyzes a number of documents for me to provide a nice summary of what it finds. That saves me a lot of time clicking on each individual document and summarizing them myself.

As a content producer, though, that's devastating. Other users won't need to click on my content, like this post, to understand what I wrote. I am anonymous in Google's AI-infused world. CNN quotes Danielle Coffey, the chief executive of the News/Media Alliance, “This will be catastrophic to our traffic, as marketed by Google to further satisfy user queries, leaving even less incentive to click through so that we can monetize our content.”

This is another clear example of the creative, destructive power of The Intelligence Tsunami ( The short-term benefit to all of us may be positive, as it may increase our productivity. However, the unintended consequences may be huge long-term costs because many more people lose incentives to produce quality content. In addition, more quality content will be hidden behind subscription paywalls because creators can no longer monetize their work through advertising. The public Internet is dying and may soon be dead.

The creative destruction of The Intelligence Tsunami is washing over many other industries, likely including yours. What's impressive is that we are now seeing only the early waves of the massive autonomously intelligence tsunami arriving shortly.

Even Google is no longer safe in a protected harbor. It had a virtual monopoly on Search that was almost impregnable. In the future, I'll just ask my intelligent agent orally for what I'm interested in, and it will provide a nice AI produced reply. Or, even more powerful, my intelligent agent will anticipate my needs and provide me with information before I even know that I need it.

It's a brave new world. The best way to predict the world is to create it.


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John Warner


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