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“We are sad to say goodbye to some talented teammates and friends we care about"

The subtitle of The Intelligent Tsunami is Get Off the Beach, Ride the Wave, or Get Washed Away. Thousands of former Google employees have learned what that means.

In the past year, Google has announced tens of thousands of employee layoffs. In February 2024, Google announced more layoffs of product teams. Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, has said AI is the #1 focus for Google going into 2024.

As should be expected, employees are worried that the technology giant is replacing some jobs with AI tools developed internally.

Now that has happened. In April 2024, Google announced that it is restructuring its financial operation that will result in thousands of more lay offs. Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said in a memo Wednesday that:

The tech sector is in the midst of a tremendous platform shift with Al. As a company, this means we have the opportunity to make more helpful products for billions of users and provide faster solutions to our customers, but it also means we collectively have to make tough decisions, including how and where we work to align with our highest priority areas.

She mentioned in her note:

We are sad to say goodbye to some talented teammates and friends we care about, and we know this change is difficult.

Google employees are the last to learn that though they are talented teammates and friends, their services are no longer required.

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John Warner


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