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Looking forward to receiving my Rabbit R1 AI-powered gadget

Updated: Apr 9

The Intelligent Tsunami ( discusses how the future of intelligent agents is more elegant solutions.

Recently, I splurged and bought a new $199 AI-powered gadget, the Rabbit R1 ( I was recently notified that I'll receive it by the end of the month. I'm a bit like a kid waiting for my birthday. The device has a touchscreen, rotating camera, and scroll wheel. It runs on a purpose-designed Large Action Model (LAM) operating system. What's that?

Unlike traditional AI assistants like Chat GPT, which respond to text prompts, the Rabbit R1 performs actions across different platforms. Users train the Rabbit R1 by interacting with various apps so the device learns how to automate repetitive sequences of digital tasks.

About 50,000 people took a flyer like me. Long-term success hinges on real-world performance and user experience. There are questions about the complexity of tasks it can handle and how intuitive the training process might be. Regardless, it will be fun to play with. If the Rabbit R1 turns out to be amazing, I'll report back.


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