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Claude is my new best LLM

In The Intelligent Tsunami ( I describe how I used large language models (LLM) in writing the book, saying:

"I used the intelligent agents ChatGPT and Google Gemini extensively to help write this book. Often, I provided them the same prompt to confirm that I got similar results. One might be wrong, but it’s not likely they both were wrong in the same way about the same prompt.  

Mostly, I used them to provide details about stories I already knew, like how Jeff Bezos started Amazon. ChatGPT reminded me of an interesting flourish that Jeff’s first desk was an old door. I also used them as fact-checkers. When I noted that a company had gone bankrupt, ChatGPT corrected me that while the company was restructured, it never actually went bankrupt. 

I worked hard to ensure that this text’s words are mine and to verify key facts from multiple sources. I’ve cited some of the most important sources of information, especially those that readers will benefit from checking out themselves. However, the results from large language models (LLM) are inherently mashups of different information from unknown sources."

I now use LLMs extensively in my writing. I generally provide the same prompt to ChatGPT and Google Gemini and edit them together. They have very different personalities. ChatGPT is more flowery, too flowery for my tastes, and Google Gemini provides bullet point outlines. My first step is often to edit them together. They are a great way to start and make me much more productive. I generally continue to edit the text, which makes the text distinctively mine. I have found a new best LLM, Claude by Anthropic. Claude returns text that reads much more like a human wrote it, not a machine. I still use ChatGPT and Google Gemini, now along with Claude, because each provides details the others don't. I also use them to fact-check each other.

If you haven't already, give Claude a try. You'll find it's pretty amazing.


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