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GSP Airport considers $95 million self-driving shuttle project

Updated: Feb 1

A decade after it was first envisioned, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport might soon see sleek, self-driving shuttles whisking employees and passengers between parking lots and the terminal.

 The first phase, connecting the employee parking lot to the terminal, will cost $39.5 million. This phase includes two lithium-ion powered shuttles, each carrying up to 22 people without luggage and 16 people with luggage.

The total estimated cost of the entire project is $95.8 million, including connecting economy parking lots 1 and 2 to the terminal and creating a premium economy lot 3 with improved customer service.

In 2016, the Airport District solicited proposals for an automated shuttle system project and selected 2getthere as the preferred system provider. In 2019, the District engaged the Plenary Group, in partnership with 2getthere and Oceaneering, to develop a plan under a Public-Private Partnership arrangement. The private partners would take on a large share of the risks in terms of financing and construction. Plenary delivered the proposal being considered in December 2023. 

At its January 22 meeting, the GSP Airport Commission deferred a decision until its March 4th meeting due to concerns about the cost and the need for additional funding sources. 

Will GSP take the first step towards a self-driving future? Stay tuned.

For more details, see the New Business Item D Approval of Automated Shuttle Airport Project in the Minutes of the GSP Commission January 22, 2024 Meeting.

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