• Zachary Eikenberry

    Next High School

    We are developing and building a free South Carolina public high school utilizing web-delivered instruction and project based learning.

    Zachary Eikenberry, Founding CEO, Next High School, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Jody Bryson

    SC Technology and Aviation Center

    SCTAC, in partnership with CU-ICAR, will develop its 300 acre inactive runway into a testbed infrastructure for transportation innovation.

    Jody Bryson, President & CEO, SC Technology & Aviation Center, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Karl McCollester


    Voterheads makes you feel smart about local government, providing alerts about votes matching your interests and making your voice heard!

    Karl McCollester, CEO, Voterheads.com, Columbia, SC, United States
  • John Warner

    InnoMobility Global Network

    InnoMobility is a network of big ideas transforming mobility that connects thought leaders with expertise and resources.

    John Warner, InnoVenture LLC, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Steve McAleer Pennington

    iT2Pi Introduction Technology Programmers Invention

    iT2Pi will introduce youth to low cost hardware using the Raspberry Pi, connect and coach young people to real world technology ideas.

    Steve McAleer Pennington, Volunteer, Fresh Start SC / iT2Pi, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Fred Payne


    Multimodal connectivity including PRT creates GreenVillages & economic development opportunities and solves traffic & pollution problems

    Fred Payne, Council Member District 28, Greenville County , Greenville, SC, United States
  • Bill McLendon

    Perot Aerospace -- Long term investments in Aerospace

    The aerospace industry is a perfect candidate for "patient" capital with long term growth perspectives.

    Bill McLendon, CEO, Perot Aerospace
  • Jill  Dugaw

    IT-oLogy Upstate

    IT-ology is growing its presence in the Upstate SC by developing and expanding local programs, professional development and the IT Gateway.

    Jill Dugaw , Executive Director , IT-oLogy, Upstate, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Samuel  Logan

    Building Distributed Microgrids with Fuel Cell Power Systems

    Distributed Microgrids Provide Resilient Power Infrastructure in Both Developing and Advanced Energy Economies.

    Samuel Logan, Pres, FuelCell Solutions, Roswell, GA, United States
  • Cephus E. Simmons, Sr.

    SealCath, LLC

    A company providing a catheter that will improve the treatment of intussusception in children and reduce the need for additional staff.

    Cephus E. Simmons, Sr., Founder & CEO, SealCath, LLC, Mount Pleasant, SC, United States
  • Dirk Brown


    Dynamic video customization tech that enables brand placements targeted to individual viewers to be incorporated into video.

    Dirk Brown, CEO, Pandoodle, Columbia, SC, United States
  • Mark Knight

    Nexsen Pruet - Crowdfunding

    Sharing the utility and best practices for equity crowdfunding and related initiatives (JOBS Act) to help emerging companies raise capital.

    Mark Knight, Member, Nexsen Pruet, Columbia, SC, United States
  • Mike Gara

    CUBEInC (Clemson Biomedical Engineering Innovation Center)

    Read about the facilites and research going on at CUBEInC.

    Mike Gara, Director Technology Mgmt., Clemson -CUBEInC, Greenville, SC, United States
  • Laney Alverson

    Project Hub

    We offer workspace for local makers so they can collaborate & innovate. We promote creative problem solving for real world applications.

    Laney Alverson, Founder, Project Hub, Spartan Automated Systems, Spartanburg, SC, United States
  • Trip DuBard

    Easy Private Support for SC Public Schools

    Make donating to SC K-12 public schools as easy as giving to a college

    Trip DuBard, Executive Director, SC Future Minds, Florence, SC, United States
  • Laney Alverson

    Spartan Automated Systems

    Closing the gap between technology and trucking.

    Laney Alverson, Founder, Project Hub, Spartan Automated Systems, Spartanburg, SC, United States
  • George Manley

    VU room

    VU room’s main focus is empowering educational excellence in the classroom and at home.

    George Manley, President, VU room LLC, Easley, SC, United States
  • Mike Lester

    Skyweb Express: Point to point non-stop automated vehicles.

    Dramatically improve public transit around the world with environmentally and economically sustainable transit technology.

    Mike Lester, CEO, Taxi 2000 Corp, Fridley, MN, United States
  • Cody Reynolds

    AD3: Additive Drug Delivering Devices, LLC

    AD3 enhances existing sutures and surgical meshes with the ability to continually deliver medication for up to 3 months.

    Cody Reynolds, CTO, Additive Drug Delivering Devices, LLC, Clemson, SC, United States
  • Marek Urban

    Clemson - Self-Healing Materials for Future Technologies

    Self-healing polymers offer a new generation of materials that will revolutionize technologies of the 21st Century.

    Marek Urban, Endowed Sirrine Foundation Chair and Professor, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, United States